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Love Streatham exists for the benefit of the Streatham community. We are a group of people from a range of local churches who want to share God’s love for the people of Streatham. We care about our community and want to bring about positive change We have a range of initiatives going and we hope to expand these. You may have already met our team of Street Pastors who go out late at night each month to look out for those in need. We have also helped out residents in the community in practical ways such as gardening and painting. We have held some community events including an open-air carol service and an election hustings.

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Fun Day

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FUN DAY 2015!

Streatham Common
Saturday 18th July 2015

To everyone who came to the 2014 Family Fun day and the Open-air service! Thank you as well to the 160 volunteers from 8 different churches who made it all possible. The weather stayed sunny (despite forecast lightning storms) and we had the biggest turn-out yet. We gave away over 500 slices of cake, 1,850 burgers and sausages and face-painted hundreds of children! We estimate there were nearly 3,000 people on Saturday and at least 800 people at the service. Volunteers told us lots of stories of local people being blown away that the events were completely free and it was brilliant to see people come along on Sunday as a result of Saturday. We aimed to show people a slice of God’s grace, generosity, joy and love. Thank you for all your hard work, friendliness and love. Together I think we showed local people that God really does love Streatham!

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   Fun Day  Fun Day

Fun Day  Fun Day

Fun Day  Fun Day

Fun Day  Fun Day

Fun Day  Fun Day

Fun Day  Fun Day

Fun Day  Fun Day

Fun Day

See Pictures of the Messy Church Service

Check out a brilliant, short clip about last year's Fun Day

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